ZUK Z2 Leaked Render, Report Says It Will Come With Rotating Camera

By rendering the map view, Zuk Z2 is equipped with a rotating camera laterally, from this design, so the machine is just this one camera. However, because of the limited rendering angle, it is still unable to confirm whether the camera can rotate 360 ​​degrees of freedom.
Overall, Zuk Z2 using a double-sided design of the metal frame and glass, a close look at the glass and the frame of the junction can see the curvature of the feeling, guess Z2 will be equipped with 2.5D glass, but the screen size and resolution not yet known.

Rendering of the handset side, Zuk Z2 using the previous generation of light / proximity sensor and receiver integrated design, because there is no front camera reason, the visual effect of the front panel will be more concise.In the bottom of the screen, a rectangular U-Touch keys ZUK iconic phone, the same metal frame design, it has been upgraded on whether the specific function is unknown.

XDA According to previous news, Zuk Z2 will use Qualcomm Xiao Long 820 processor that supports Qualcomm flash charging technology, according to the previous generation product comes standard with 64GB of storage perspective, ZUK play should be in Z2 64GB, 128GB or even likely achieve.




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