FiresVR Launches JiDome-1 ( New VR Headset )

FiresVR Launches JiDome-1 ( New VR Headset )

JiDome-1 has an optical structure adapted to screen sizes of all mainstream mobile phones, a high-precision 9-axis gyroscope and proximity sensor, redefined weak interaction buttons, and an air-cooling system with balanced cooling efficiency and working noise. It will be available to developers in the first quarter of 2016, priced at RMB199, or about USD$30. The consumer edition of JiDome-1 will be marketed in the second quarter, but its price remains unknown.
According to FiresVR founder and CEO Frank Lou, JiDome-1 is technically very close to Samsung's GearVR. But unlike GearVR, which only supports Samsung phones, JiDome-1 is compatible with extensive Android phones with designated parameters. Still lacking support from key mobile phone manufacturers, JiDome-1 is slightly inferior to GearVR in user experience, but the gap may be closed if mobile phone manufacturers are willing to cooperate.
JiDome-1 has adopted an ATW algorithm similar to that of GearVR, but to date not all Android phones support it. Compatible phones must have GPUs that support API of OPENGL ES3.0 or higher, with overall performance equivalent to or better than Qualcomm Adreno 310 (a GPU built into the Qualcomm 801 platform). This means that JiDome-1 is only ad.aptable to 30% of mobile phones currently on market, but the proportion is expected to exceed 50% in 2016.




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