LG Display Reveals 8K TV OLED Rollable OLED for CES 2016

It has 8 65" double sided OLED panels and it can show different picture on each size.Enough with the concepts, there are some pieces that will make it to mass production and you will be able to experience those in Vegas. LG is prepping 65" and 77" OLED TVs with HDR capabilities for superb color accuracy, contrast, and equal color gamut to professional monitors for movie editing.A 65" UHD borderless TV will be also on the floor, as well as 8K 65" TV and 31.5" monitor. An 86" LCD with 58:9 aspect should allow for some new ideas to go live. Finally, LG will showcase a 25" waterfall-like curved LCD to fit in different car interiors as well as 10.3" LCD panels that respond drivers wearing gloves.




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