Panasonic Has Announced LUMIX GF8 (Selfie Camera)

Panasonic LUMIX GF8

Panasonic has Announced the Lumix DMC-GF8, essentially a GF7 with an emphasis on selfie-friendly features. It continues to offer the GF7's 16MP Four Thirds sensor, 1080/60p video and built-in Wi-Fi, but wraps it all up in your choice of a pink, silver, brown or orange leather-like finish.The GF8 also includes a flipping touchscreen 1.04M dot display. Flipping the display switches the camera to self portrait mode. The camera also applies several effects such as changing skin texture, slimming the face, teeth whitening, etc. Effects that are commonly seen on smartphone camera apps but now included on a digital camera because why the hell not.It's just announced price not avaliable this Time.




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