Sony IMX318 22.5MP Sensor With 3-axis image stabilization Announced

The IMX318 has hybrid AF built into the sensor’s internal signal processor for an AF as fast as 0.03 seconds and as fast as 0.017 seconds when shooting video at 60fps. It also has image stabilization functionality built into its internal signal processor.Regarding the 3-axis electronic image stabilization technology in the sensor.

This sensor leverages the image stabilization technology that Sony has cultivated over its years developing cameras, realizing smooth 4K QFHD (3840 x 2160) videos with little camera shake by making effectively use of the signal output obtained from the external 3-axis (pitch, yaw, and roll) gyro sensor. Sony’s unique image stabilization technology incorporated into the IMX318 corrects not only camera shake, but also lens distortion, making for more beautiful videos.


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