Top 5 Web Hosting Sites 2016

BlueHost :- Bluehost was founded in 2003 with one goal: to make a better hosting company. Built on open source technology, we've since grown to become one of the world's largest providers of cloud-based online solutions. Operating beneath the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, over 700 of us are pushing boundaries to deliver the promise of the internet to more people than ever.

Hostgator:-  Hostgator are another good budget web hosting provider. As one of the biggest brands in web hosting, they’re widely considered to be among one of the best hosting companies for beginners and small web projects.

It’s hard to say anything unique or special about Hostgator, though, as their offering is very similar to GoDaddy and Bluehost.From my experience, Bluehost tends to be both more affordable and better performance. If for whatever reason Bluehost isn’t a good fit for your site, but you still want something around the same price range, Hostgator are worth looking into.

GoDaddy:- GoDaddy are one of the best known brands in web hosting. While the performance and quality of their web hosting is not as good as Bluehost’s from my experience, it’s certainly not bad.
As you’ve probably noticed, most budget web hosts offer more or less the same product – unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, a free domain name etc. GoDaddy is a bit different in two ways.
Firstly, their deluxe plan lets you host as many websites as you want for just $4.49 / month. Most other services charge this amount to host one website, so this is good if you’re thinking of hosting several websites.
GoDaddy is also the most popular website for buying domains. If you’re thinking of acquiring new domains in the future, it makes it easier having your domain names and web hosting all in the same place.
As a word of caution, though, GoDaddy are notorious for charging ‘additional fees’ for extra features that most other web hosts like Bluehost offer for free. If you’re thinking of choosing GoDaddy to save money, you’ll probably end up paying more in additional fees over the long run.

Siteground:- One of my favourite things about Siteground is that they let you choose where you’d like your website to be hosted from four options: United States, Netherlands, UK, or Singapore.As we’re based in the UK, it’s preferable for us to have our sites hosted in the UK as this improves loading speed and SEO. The problem is that most of the best hosting companies only have data centres in the United States. Siteground are one of the few exceptions.

Siteground are neither the cheapest nor most expensive web hosting service. They’re positioned as providing a decent service with great customer service at a price that’s affordable to most website owners and businesses.

Dreamhost:-Two months ago we started a new website at Venture Harbour. Unlike our other new sites (which we usually host on Bluehost) this project needed the ability to scale up quickly. We also needed top of the range hardware to ensure that the performance was as good as possible, within a sensible price range.
After narrowing the options down to MediaTemple, WPEngine, and Dreamhost, we chose Dreamhost. Without going into the technical reasons behind our decision, we found that Dreamhost were the best bang for the buck in terms of scalability, cost, and hardware quality.
For tech startups and businesses that may need to scale up their storage and bandwidth requirements quickly, DreamHost are particularly attractive as their lowest pricing tier starts at just $15/month for a high quality VPS with fast SSD hard disk drives. From here it’s easy (and not too expensive) to increase your storage, RAM, and bandwidth.
While we’ve only been customers for a few months, there are a lot of nice touches with Dreamhost. It’s clear that Dreamhost are obsessed with security, and similarly to MediaTemple their control panel is very clean and easy to use. Unlike MediaTemple, Dreamhost make it easy for developers to get under the hood of the server.



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