Meizu Pro 6 Concept With Metal Body

From this set of conceptual map view, Meizu Pro 6 equipped with dual-curved screen, metal frame around the curvature of large, looks full sense of technology, but plug connection, authenticity should be almost zero. Also, according to the chief architect of the previous Meizu flyme Yang Yan blew in microblogging "Flyme as PRO 6 brings a new interactive mode." According to the figure with the POP MENU support map display, press content display and clouds can choose three albums see, Meizu PRO 6 will support 3D Touch, and PRO pressure sensitive screen 6 on whether there are other aspects of the application does not show. According to friends broke the news earlier, Meizu PRO 6 will support pressure-touch features, development time is longer, at around the second half of the market.





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