Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus RED Special Edition 2017

Orders will start this Friday (March 24) at 8:01 in the morning, Pacific time. Note that only 128GB and 256GB options are available - that means the iPhone 7 (Product) Red starts at $750, the bigger iPhone 7 Plus starts at $870. That’s for the 128GB models, if you want 256GB then add another Benjamin.

This special edition will go on sale in Europe too. In Germany, for example, the phones start at €870 and €1,010 respectively and will go on sale at 16:01 local time on March 24. Brits are looking at £700 and £820 for the 7 and 7 Plus, sales start at 15:01 (if you haven’t figured it out, the launch will happen at the exact same moment around the world). Description By:- GSMArena



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